Meet Theo the family dog. He is a pure bred Dalmatian. He is really my sister’s, and wherever she goes he goes. The story of how she and I got him goes like this. Her best friend, who is now her boyfriend, promised to get her a dog. She was looking at dogs and found these Dalmatians. She didn’t really want a Dalmatian but they were cheaper than what she really wanted. She and I went to Scottsboro thinking we would just look. We went to the back of this house, and we saw the mom, the dad, and his brother but didn’t see him.Then … Continue reading Monochromatic

The Tombstone

I was in the graveyard looking for something “creepy” to take a picture of so I was thinking okay this is near the light and I want to go home so I took the picture, got in the car and went home. I was looking at the tombstone more closely and this person had the same birthday as me. I was thinking oh that’s cool. Then I was looking at the year she died and this little girl was only five years old, and the words on her headstone are “A little rose bud.” What does that mean? I was thinking she … Continue reading The Tombstone