We moved from our 13 year home to my mother’s childhood home, to where I, my brother, my sister, and my cousins used to roam in the woods. We played, we baked, cooked, cleaned, and had countless Christmases, random family gatherings, at this home in Hartselle, AL. This place is where my grandfather worked, where he fixed things that needed to be fixed, where he took care of my grandmother every day of their married life. Where my uncle remarried my mom and dad. Where my grandmother cooked, cleaned, decorated, where she also took care of my grandfather with food … Continue reading Change


Hi, my name is Brady Griffith, and I’m thirteen. My mom asked me kiddingly if I wanted to start blogging, of course I immediately said “NO!” but as the day/week went on I started thinking more about it. Three or so days later Mom and I were in the car and I asked her more about it. Now I’m writing my first post. I want to write about how I live in the deep south and have lived there all my life. I went to the local elementary and middle schools for five years and all my friends are there. … Continue reading Hello