We moved from our 13 year home to my mother’s childhood home, to where I, my brother, my sister, and my cousins used to roam in the woods. We played, we baked, cooked, cleaned, and had countless Christmases, random family gatherings, at this home in Hartselle, AL. This place is where my grandfather worked, where he fixed things that needed to be fixed, where he took care of my grandmother every day of their married life. Where my uncle remarried my mom and dad. Where my grandmother cooked, cleaned, decorated, where she also took care of my grandfather with food and when he got hurt doing something he was too old to be doing. This is where my mom and her three sisters grew up, where their children grew up. Where hopefully me and my siblings children will grow up.

Our home we moved from is where my sister, my brother, and I also grew up. Where my mom took care of us. Where we had my dad’s side of the family Christmas and we could barely move. This is where on summer day we would go to the neighbor’s house and swim in his dirty, fishy pond just for fun. This is where our neighbors would call us over to their house, just to ask if we wanted to go out to eat with them. This is where we would invite our friends over to have bonfires. This is the place that I went to school since third grade. This is the place we are leaving to start our journey in a new home.

We are leaving, and coming. But taking all our memories from both places, and making new ones, that we will carry with us forever.



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