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Meet Theo the family dog. He is a pure bred Dalmatian. He is really my sister’s, and wherever she goes he goes. The story of how she and I got him goes like this. Her best friend, who is now her boyfriend, promised to get her a dog. She was looking at dogs and found these Dalmatians. She didn’t really want a Dalmatian but they were cheaper than what she really wanted. She and I went to Scottsboro thinking we would just look. We went to the back of this house, and we saw the mom, the dad, and his brother but didn’t see him.Then he came around the corner with the owner of the house and the dogs. She put him down and welcomed us. He came running to my sister and me and played with us. At that moment my sister fell in love with him. She paid for him and we left with him. When we got home we decided to name him Theo.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”


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