Hello fellow bloggers. Today I want to share about what God did through me at my church camp. When I say “church camp” your probably thinking that my church just went to some average camp and we went for 2 or 3 days and came back and went back to normal. This is not that, this camp is called BigStuf and this camp is amazing. This was the first year I went and I went into this not knowing what to expect but it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. The worship really moved me, that was … Continue reading Camp


Hi, my name is Brady Griffith, and I’m thirteen. My mom asked me kiddingly if I wanted to start blogging, of course I immediately said “NO!” but as the day/week went on I started thinking more about it. Three or so days later Mom and I were in the car and I asked her more about it. Now I’m writing my first post. I want to write about how I live in the deep south and have lived there all my life. I went to the local elementary and middle schools for five years and all my friends are there. … Continue reading Hello