I was thinking of what I should post, when it came to me. I thought, I have been in a routine for almost a month now and I kinda like it. I’m what you call a camel, I like things in order, I like things in list.

So maybe you have read my other posts and maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t they are about how I do my school. This post is also about how I do my school you should know I love it, but what I do everyday may be the usual but not to me everyday there is something new I learn. I get up and get ready, then someone in my family – usually who is off that day, at that time – takes me to my local library, then they pick me up everyday at 2 or 3. I get home and do my homework then play with the family dog and read, then I help my mom with dinner, then I eat and hang out with my family. That is my routine every single day – almost – and I love it!

If you do not have a routine, I highly suggest you get into one they are so cool and don’t think you wont have time to do anything else fun cause I do all the time.


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