Hi, my name is Brady Griffith, and I’m thirteen. My mom asked me kiddingly if I wanted to start blogging, of course I immediately said “NO!” but as the day/week went on I started thinking more about it. Three or so days later Mom and I were in the car and I asked her more about it. Now I’m writing my first post.

I want to write about how I live in the deep south and have lived there all my life. I went to the local elementary and middle schools for five years and all my friends are there.

Two years ago Mom told me and my family that my grandfather (her father) was leaving her the house. That meant that whenever both of grandparents were gone we would move in. I never imagined it would happen within those two years. Suddenly my grandfather got sick in April 2014, and after me and my family came home from the beach he passed June 3rd, 2014. Two months later my grandmother started getting worse and after that she went very quickly. She passed on January 21st, 2015.

When we move there in August instead of going to school I will do my school at home. Earlier this spring, I told my mom I wanted to be homeschooled. At first she didn’t take it seriously but then I mentioned it again right before my family went to the beach. She said she would seriously consider it. While we were there my mom really talked to me about it and researched a lot of stuff. She found a virtual academy for the local junior high and then of course had to research it some more. My mom emailed the superintendent of education and he told my mom to email the principal of the Junior High, Dr. Smith. Mom emailed the principal and they set a meeting. I really like Dr. Smith. She told me more about the virtual academy and I’ve made the decision that I want to do it.

Of course my mom will have to buy me a laptop and some other things. I’m really excited to start something new.

If you think about it I’m starting two new things: blogging, and my online schooling.


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